Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Letter to Mining Journal: Changes are coming

By Thomas Polkinghorne, Champion
Posted Dec. 19, 2010

MARQUETTE -- To the Journal editor:

I take exception to County Board Chairman Gerald Corkin's comments reported in The Mining Journal on Oct. 19. Corkin stated opponents "later opposed the Woodland Road, designed as an alternative. Now they oppose the alternative to the alternative."

Corkin wants us to believe people opposed everything. The fact is, the "alternative" is nearly a twin to the original Woodland Road.

In addition, no evidence was given by the road commission that they considered any other route. A thinking, functioning board would have displayed all of the proposed routes and discussed with the public the pros and cons of each. ... Read more in the Marquette Mining Journal.

Editor's Note: Thomas Polkinghorne of Champion, author of this letter, and County Commissioner Gerald Corkin are both quoted in our Oct. 25, 2010, article, "Opponents of proposed 'public' mine haul road call for more public input."

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