Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Updated: From Michael Moore: Lansing Capitol occupied now!

LANSING -- Protesters are occupying the Capitol Building in Lansing. Visit for live video and photos of the all-day March 16 Rally protesting Governor Rick Snyder and recent Republican legislation.

Update: See for videos and photos of today's protest and some protesters being arrested at the Capitol. Michael Moore reported 6000 people participated in the Rally today, Mar. 16.

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The Bard of Murdock said...

The Battle of Lansing
With apologies to Jimmie Driftwood, songwriter of The Battle of New Orleans

Well in twenty-eleven, we took a little trip,
Along with Michael Moore, the captain of our ship.
Who organized our bus trip and paid the whole darn thing,
So we could quit Wisconsin and skedaddle to Lansing.

We waved our signs and the Democrats went running,
They’re hiding out in Illinois and won’t come back to vote.
We yelled once more but the GOP was cunning:
They passed another bill and they sunk our union’s boat.

We cluttered up the capitol and trashed the Badger State,
We shouted our invectives and we acted all irate.
We threatened all them senators and tried to pull their chain,
But they put it to us anyway and flushed us down the drain.

We waved our signs: Jesse Jackson came a-running,
We had him play the race card so we thought we’d win the war.
We yelled once more but the GOP was cunning:
This time they didn’t listen to the national press corps.

We found a union doctor and he gave us all sick notes,
So we’re heading off for Lansing, to sow our wild oats.
We’re off to have a showdown with a fella known as Snyder
It won’t be long before he’ll need a good health care provider.

We’ll yell “unfair” and the press will come in masses,
We’ll cause a public nuisance like we always done before.
We’ll call in sick and we’ll have our kids skip classes,
We’ve gotta win this time for our good buddy Michael Moore.