Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music lovers fill Brownstone Hall to benefit musician Greg Wright

ATLANTIC MINE -- Approximately 400 people filled the Brownstone Hall in Atlantic Mine Sunday, Mar. 13, to listen to and dance to lively music by an array of local bands. The event -- "Wright Aid" -- was a benefit for Greg Wright, a local musician who is undergoing cancer treatments.

A crowd of young and older music lovers fills the Brownstone Hall in Atlantic Mine on Mar. 13 at the "Wright Aid" concert to benefit musician Greg Wright, who is undergoing cancer treatments. Here Bernie Larsen (on guitar, center) of Spinout Records is joined by, from left, Ed Hancock; Mike LaBeau on drums, Scott McIntosh, bass; and Mark McEvers, keys. Click on photos for larger versions. (Photo © 2011 and courtesy Marshall Weathersby*)

Susie Landers, co-owner of the Brownstone Hall and of Good Times Music in Houghton, said she often receives requests for musicians to volunteer their talents at community events and Greg Wright is one of them.

"It was nice that we were able to give back to someone who has been giving to our community for so many years," Landers said.

The idea for the benefit concert came to her and her friend and colleague, Melissa Davis, when they heard about Wright's medical condition.

"It actually started with Melissa and I talking about it," Landers explained. "It snowballed and turned into an avalanche."

Davis and Landers were both members of the organizing team for the Wright Aid concert.

Davis was chatting with Landers in the Good Times Music Store today, Tuesday, noting this is a difficult time for Wright because of the cancer treatments he is enduring.

"We hope that it really helps Greg's morale to know that people care so much about him," Davis said.

Just a few minutes later Davis received a warm "thank you" text message from Wright. Apparently knowing about the concert lifted his spirits.

Bernie Larsen, singer / songwriter / guitarist, said he returned to the area from California just for the "Wright Aid" benefit. Here he is joined in a number by Mike LaBeau on drums. (Photo © 2011 and courtesy Marshall Weathersby)

Bernie Larsen, singer / songwriter /guitarist and former Houghton resident, now living in Glendale, Calif., in the Los Angeles area, said he came to town just for the benefit.

"Greg Wright has played on several records I have produced while living in Houghton," Larsen said. "I had a venue/gallery called 'exurban' and he was in several bands that performed. He is commonly known as one of the best drummers in the area and a great person/friend."

*Keweenaw Now guest photographer Marshall Weathersby of Laurium, who took photos of the "Wright Aid" concert to send to Greg Wright, shared the above photos with Keweenaw Now at our request.

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