Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Photos by Jeremy Sandrik: Bridge Walk for Unity

Participants in the Apr. 2 Bridge Walk for Unity listen to speakers defending schools, workers' rights and democracy against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed budget cuts, anti-union policies, tax breaks for rich corporations and Emergency Financial Manager legislation -- which could allow the governor to fire elected officials and take over municipalities and school districts. Click on photos for larger versions. (Photo © 2011 Jeremy Sandrik. Reprinted with permission.)

HOUGHTON -- On April 2, 2011, the Houghton County Democrats along with local labor unions, teachers and supporters gathered at the base of the Portage Lift Bridge connecting Houghton and Hancock for the Bridge Walk for Unity. They gathered in resistance to Michigan's recent Emergency Financial Manager legislation (EFM) and Governor Snyder's budget, which slashes taxes for the rich while putting a burden on education and low-income citizens.

Participants begin their walk on the Portage Lift Bridge. (Photo © 2011 Jeremy Sandrik. Reprinted with permission.)

After listening to speakers explain the purpose of the event, the crowd of more than 150, carrying signs, walked up to the Portage Lift Bridge, crossed to the Hancock side and back, and stood on the bridge displaying their signs.

Jeremy Sandrik, Keweenaw Now guest writer and photographer, has posted his excellent photos of the event on flickr.

Many of the participants represented concerned workers and union members. (Photo © 2011 Jeremy Sandrik. Reprinted with permission.)

Click here for the photo page. The slide show is truly a photo essay of the event. The signs say it all. The photos are protected by a license (attribution - non-commercial) under Creative Commons. Please click here for Jeremy's photo use policy.

See also our Apr. 4 article, "Bridge for Unity Walk calls for citizen involvement against Gov. Snyder's budget cuts, new legislation."

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