Friday, June 17, 2011

From Peaceful Uprising: Tim DeChristopher's Sentencing delayed

SALT LAKE CITY -- 10 days prior to Tim DeChristopher's scheduled Sentencing on June 23rd, Judge Dee Benson issued another last-minute delay and rescheduled the date of Sentencing to July 26, 2011. Benson's delay made it clear that he is desperate to avoid public accountability for the persecution of peaceful climate justice activist Tim DeChristopher.

Tim by Daphne Hougard. (Press Photo from

The change was made soon after Peaceful Uprising's announcement that there would be nationwide solidarity actions on June 23rd. It is another attempt to defeat citizen organizing, and it must not succeed. Peaceful Uprising will continue with planned actions with minor changes on June 23rd, and an even bigger plan for July 26th.

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