Sunday, June 12, 2011

From Stand for the Land: Vigils and Messages

Posted June 11, 2011, on Stand for the Land *

Thank you to those who participated in the fast by lending your presence in body and/or in spirit. The day started warm and by mid-day, was scorching hot. Sympathetic souls came and held vigil, driven there by a love for the land and the water, drawn by the Spirit of this place.

The guards kept watch as well (from a distance), lights flashing in the mist and drizzle that drifted in by early evening. Throughout the day and night, they made their rounds, a Humvee circling behind the fence, a low rumble sounding in the rain and darkness. But there was no fear. Four colors tied around the perimeter of the camp encircled us in safety, while the fire blazed at its center.

Driving home the next morning, I looked into my rearview mirror to see if my companion, the originator of this fast, was close behind me, and was startled to see a large bird circling in front of his car. It swooped and turned and I saw a white head -- an eagle! My heart leapt! I glanced again, saw an arm raised out the window, and knew an offering was being made. Miigwetch to the eagle, our messenger.

We heard from the attorneys that the court proceedings went well. The oral argument went on for five hours on the Part 632 (mining) case alone. The Part 31 (groundwater) was re-scheduled for next Thursday. At the conclusion, our side asked for the promised update on blasting plans. The new date is September 14.**

The Rock has a bit of a reprieve, but we must not relax our vigilance. In fact, we must increase it. Come, be a presence. If you can’t be here, send thoughts and prayers.

As my companion has said, "With a united effort a consciousness can be raised for the protection of the Earth." We must believe in it.

Editor's Notes:
* This was posted on Stand for the Land after the June 8-9 Fasting, Prayer and Fire held for 24 hours in view of Eagle Rock, the Anishinaabe sacred site where Rio Tinto / Kennecott plans to blast an entry to their Eagle Mine. Reprinted here with permission.

** The June 9 court proceedings are part of the appeal of the contested case concerning the mining permit given to Kennecott by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

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