Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stop Eagle Mine CALL-IN campaign to Gov. Snyder is Aug. 11, 12

From Save the Wild UP and Water Action Vital Earth (WAVE):

MARQUETTE -- Thursday, Aug. 11, and Friday, Aug. 12, are the CALL-IN days for contacting Gov. Rick Snyder to request that Kennecott/Rio Tinto halt work on the Eagle Project until a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement be conducted.

Rio Tinto/Kennecott has never had a non-polluting sulfide mine. Their new technology is untested. Our water, our health and our children’s health -- for generations to come -- is at risk.

Call Gov. Snyder's office at (517) 373-3400.

If you prefer to write, the WRITE-IN campaign continues through Aug. 21, 2011. Contact the Governor's office by Fax at (517) 335-7858;; or write to Governor Rick Snyder, P.O. Box 30013, Lansing MI 48909.

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