Monday, May 14, 2012

Michigan League of Conservation Voters: Great Lakes Horror Stories

From Michigan League of Conservation Voters
Posted on their Political Week in Review May 14, 2012

A new sulfide mine may be built a mere two miles from Lake Superior, Asian carp are at the threshold of Lake Michigan, and Pete Hoekstra sees no problem with drilling under the Great Lakes. You'd think we were writing on the day following Halloween, not Mother's Day, with this kind of news.

A new report rates Michigan's sulfide mining laws as "poor," a sterile word for a frightening message that there is little we can do to prevent new sulfide mines from contaminating watersheds. There is good news in the Great Lakes, though. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will complete its watershed separation study in 2013, two years ahead of schedule. Now, if only the carp will agree to wait on all these studies before invading Lake Michigan... Click here to read these articles on the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Political Week in Review.

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