Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sen. Levin: Republican budget cuts would hurt seniors on Medicare, Head Start and college students, funding for environmental protection, more ...

Sen. Carl Levin's Senate Floor Statement on Republican Budget Proposals
Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mr. President, our nation faces enormous and worrisome fiscal challenges. There is no question we must reduce our budget deficit in the medium-term and prepare for a longer-term future in which an aging population stresses Medicare and Social Security funds. And we face, at the beginning of January, the prospect of automatic, unprioritized, and unwise budget cuts that would do tremendous harm to just about every program in the government, from domestic programs to our military, and would in the process threaten our economic recovery.

The way to address those enormous challenges is by coming together to address the sources of our budget deficit. The solutions must include prudent, prioritized spending cuts. They will undoubtedly include reforms to entitlement programs to ensure their long-term viability. And, as just about any objective observer has repeatedly pointed out, the solutions must include restoration of revenues lost to the Treasury through unjustified tax cuts for the wealthiest and unjustified tax loopholes.... Click here to read the rest of Sen. Levin's statement today in the Senate.

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