Monday, October 15, 2012

Key voices endorse Michigan's Ballot Proposal 3

From: Michigan League of Conservation Voters (MLCV)
Posted Oct. 15 on MLCV's Political Week in Review

A national coalition of businesses committed to renewable energy endorsed Proposal 3 today. Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) is composed of
nationally recognizable brands like Ben and Jerry's, The Gap Inc., and The North Face who want more of the electricity they use to come from renewable sources.

Michigan League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Lisa Wozniak made the case for Prop 3 in the Detroit Free Press this week, as well.

"The beauty of this ballot initiative is that it builds off of Michigan's manufacturing talent and know-how while also doing the right thing for the air we breathe and the Great Lakes. Proposal 3 will create jobs, spark investment, rein in high energy costs and reduce pollution," she wrote.

With only three weeks to go before the election, the Prop 3 campaign is in full swing. While the utilities have put millions of dollars into misleading ads to protect their reliance on coal, we have something they don't: you. Click here to sign up for a volunteer phone bank to make sure your fellow citizens know about the 94,000 Michigan jobs Prop 3 will create!

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