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MTU News: Phi Kappa Tau cops First Place in Winter Carnival Statue Competition

Phi Kappa Tau's snow sculpture in Hancock took First Place again in the fraternity division of Michigan Tech University's 2013 Winter Carnival snow statue competition. (Photos by Keweenaw Now unless otherwise indicated)

By Dennis Walikainen, MTU News Senior Editor
Posted on MTU News Feb. 7, 2013

HANCOCK -- "The Incredibles" animated movie was the inspiration for Phi Kappa Tau's winning statue in Michigan Technological University's Winter Carnival. The Hancock-based group took first in the fraternity division for their diorama that combined massive size with plenty of details sculpted in ice.

Statue builders at Phi Kappa Tau in Hancock, put finishing touches on the details of their creations in the wee hours of Thursday morning, Feb. 7, just a few hours before the judging of the snow statues for Michigan Tech's 2013 Winter Carnival. (Photo © and courtesy Dorn Dyttmer)

All the creations had to follow this year’s Winter Carnival theme: “Heroes and villains find their powers, in these frozen winter hours.”

"In this Snowy Winter Dream, a Super Family Becomes a Team" is the title of Phi Kappa Tau's winning snow sculpture. The scene is Metroville, under attack by the evil Syndrome (standing on wall at left) and his giant Omnidroid (creature crashing into wall) -- See photo below. The Incredibles are the super family/team that arrive on the scene to defend their fellow citizens.

For Phi Kappa Tau, windows, chains, a mailbox, baby in a high chair, and much more were all created in clear ice, accenting the large structure that showed a family working together as a team of superheroes.... Click here to read the rest of this article on the MTU News.

More photos:

Below the clocktower that soars over the city, cars on the city streets (along back wall) are caught in the crossfire of the fight. Violet (detail center in photo below) defends her family with a shield.

Details sculptured in ice include, from left, a high chair with child, chains and a mail box.

Elasta Girl grabs a manhole cover using her elastic powers. She stretches her arm around a light pole and prepares to launch the projectile.

To the right, hero Frozone skates into action on a wall made out of ice, while Mr. Incredible lifts a car (left, foreground) and aims at the Omnidroid.

This detail in ice re-creates a mirror image. Can you guess who it is?

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