Saturday, March 09, 2013

Wiggins: This Is about Humanity

By Barbara With
Posted March 8, 2013, on United in Defense of the Water*
Reprinted in part with permission.

MADISON, WIS. -- Yesterday [Thursday, March 7], the Wisconsin Assembly passed AB/SB1, the new mining bill. And because of SB2, which changes the way a law is enacted, there will be no more ten-day waiting period for the Secretary of State to publish it. As soon as it is signed, it will become law.

Citizens United in Defense of the Water at Mike Wiggins Jr. press conference on March 7, 2013, in the Wisconsin Capitol, Madison. (Photo © and courtesy Barbara With. Reprinted with permission.)

Throughout the debate yesterday, Republicans appeared to be representing the mining company. Their arguments were weak, and they repeated their misinformation and lies over and over. No matter how passionate, truthful, measured, or clear the Democrats were in their debate, the Republicans rejected the truth, refused to accept any amendments brought forward, and in the end, as we expected, passed the bill along party lines.

Meanwhile, at a press conference, Bad River Tribal Chairman Mike Wiggins Jr. and several members of the Tribal Nations came together to show solidarity with Bad River. ...
Click here to read the rest of this article and see a video excerpt from Mike Wiggins' press conference.
Click here to see a second video clip, "Solidarity Among the Tribes."

* Author Barbara With is a citizen journalist reporting on mining issues in Wisconsin. Click here to learn more about United in Defense of the Water, a coalition of citizens dedicated to the protection of Lake Superior and all the waters of Wisconsin.

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