Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Developments at Torch Lake Area of Concern

By Noel R. Urban, Michigan Technological University Director, Center for Water and Society, and Professor, Environmental Engineering

From: Lake Superior Binational Forum Water is Life Newsletter Article -- Summer 2013. Reprinted in part with permission.

While a cursory look suggests that little is happening at the Torch Lake Area of Concern (AOC) in northern Michigan, a second glance reveals considerable activity. That is the interim finding of an ongoing Integrated Assessment of the Torch Lake AOC. This project, funded by Michigan Sea Grant, is enabling three faculty at Michigan Technological University to review the status of the site and to make recommendations to appropriate management agencies for potential future work.

This project combines the skills and perspectives of environmental engineers (Noel Urban and Judith Perlinger) and a social scientist (Carol MacLennan) who work in close coordination with agency personnel to produce policy-relevant research. The research team will combine existing information with previously untapped information to provide a comprehensive picture of the mining and environmental history of the area, to educate and engage stakeholders, and to supply material that can be used to help remediate the site where needed.

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