Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ski Club reports Maasto Hiihto Trails safe for moon-fire-ski TONIGHT, March 15

HANCOCK -- Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club’s monthly moon-fire-ski is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. TONIGHT, March 15, at Maasto Hiihto Trails.

"As promised, KNSC has checked the trail conditions at Maasto Hiihto to see if they would allow for a fun, safe moonlight ski to the fire by the creek tonight -- and yes, the trails are indeed safe and ski conditions are surprisingly good," says KNSC's Sandy Aronson.

The official/guided start is from the chalet, but skiers may start from Tomasi trailhead if they wish. The fire will be located at the Glide 'N Gorge soup station, which is between the bottom of Sisu hill and the Middle Bridge.

This morning the city side, gorge, and Australia/Mud Lake Loop trails were dragged and tracks reset. Churning Rapids will be left ungroomed, i.e., skier groomed.

"I skied this morning on ungroomed, dragged, and tracked trails and found that the ungroomed trails were just fine, dragged trails were great, and tracks only were ok as they were somewhat icy on the bottom so not such good grip," Aronson adds. "On a side note, ungroomed snow was silent while the groomed snow was noisy and abrasive. Also, wind was super cold yet the sun warm! Quite a study in contrast out on the trails today."

KNSC's John Diebel reports the Fairgrounds chalet will be open this weekend for people to use for lunch and changing, but the water lines remain frozen and the toilets are out of service.

"Due to the very high expense of thawing out such a long supply line and the limited time left in the season the water line is expected to remain out of service for the remainder of the ski season. Plan accordingly," Diebel notes.

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