Saturday, November 22, 2014

Orpheum Theater to host The Saturday Giant, one-man art-rock band, Nov. 26

The Saturday Giant (Philip Cogley), a one-man art-rock band from Columbus, Ohio, will perform at The Orpheum Theater in Hancock on Wednesday, Nov. 26. (Photo © Mark Elliot. Reprinted with permission.)

HANCOCK -- The Saturday Giant (stage name of nomadic aural tinkerer Philip Cogley) will perform at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 26, at The Orpheum Theater in Hancock.

Established in 2010, The Saturday Giant is a one-man art-rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Cogley crafts an innovative and compelling live show in which he sculpts layers of guitars, drums, bass lines, beat boxing, keyboards and vocals into towering walls of sound, without the aid of prerecorded samples.

"I put fresh trimmings of rock, folk, electronica and hip hop into a blender, add a dash of introspective, off-beat lyricism, and pour out a delicious pop smoothie," Cogley says.

Even while maintaining a rigorous touring schedule -- he’s on pace to give over 200 performances this year -- The Saturday Giant is preparing his full-length debut for early 2015. Get a taste of what's to come on that release when The Saturday Giant performs at The Orpheum on Nov. 26.

You can see The Saturday Giant in his multiple musical roles and listen to a sample of his music on his Web site:

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