Sunday, November 16, 2014

Public Notice: Deadline for Greensands Inc. stamp sands removal application to DEQ is Nov. 17

View of old smokestack and stamp sand (mining waste) on the shore of Lake Superior near Gay, Michigan. (July 2014 photo by Keweenaw Now)

[Editor's Note and Update: This is a reminder that the deadline for public comments on the application mentioned below is Monday, Nov. 17 (20 days after the Public Notice of Oct. 28, 2014.) We regret the late posting of the public notice. Comments can be sent directly to field staff by emailing Linda Hansen, DEQ Water Resources Division, at or by locating the file on CIWPIS on Line, at]

From: Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality
Water Resources Division, Baraga Operations Center
Office, 427 US 41 North
Baraga MI, 49908

Greensand Inc., 52962 Big Traverse Bay Road, Lake Linden, MI 49945, has applied to the Water Resources Division (WRD), Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), for a conveyance (private use agreement) to 20 acres of Lake Superior public trust bottomlands offshore of Sherman Township, Keweenaw County. The subject Lake Superior bottomlands are filled with stamp sands deposited beginning over 90 years ago resulting from mining operations. The proposed conveyance is for a processing plant building, settling ponds, and storage of excavated stamp sands. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) is currently reviewing a permit application (#14-42-0002-P) submitted by the applicant to dredge and excavate the stamp sand deposit on the subject Lake Superior public trust bottomlands located along the Keweenaw County Road Commission property in the Village of Gay. The excavated and dredged stamp sand are proposed to be processed to separate target particle sizes at the proposed conveyance location and shipped to customers out of state via truck and rail. The proposed private use agreement would provide the applicant with the authorization from the State of Michigan to occupy the subject Lake Superior public trust bottomlands.

When an application is received for a conveyance of State-owned bottomlands, pursuant to Part 325, Great Lakes Submerged Lands, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, the MDEQ submits copies for review to the Director of Community Health, the city, village, township, county, adjacent property owners, and other persons where the project is to be located. Additionally, notification is provided to certain persons as provided by statute or determined by the MDEQ.

Any person or agency wishing to make comments on the proposed conveyance shall furnish this office with their comments in writing no later than 20 days from the date of publication of this notice. The MDEQ will judge all proposed conveyances on their effect on the public trust in hunting, fishing, and navigation, as well as other criteria. The determination as to whether a conveyance will be issued or a public hearing held will be based on an evaluation of all of the relevant factors, including the effect of the proposed work on the public trust or interest.

Written comments on these factors will be made a part of the file and will be considered in determining if it is in the public interest to grant a conveyance. Objections must be factual and specific, and fully describe the reasons upon which any objection is founded.

Click here for the full Public Notice from DEQ.

Editor's Update (Nov. 17, 2014): Linda Hansen of DEQ Water Resources Division told Keweenaw Now that comments on this public notice will be accepted until midnight TONIGHT, Monday, Nov. 17. You can email your comments to her at Comments received after the deadline will be accepted but will not necessarily have as much weight as those received by the deadline, which is prescribed by Michigan statute. Any one person can request a public hearing.

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