Sunday, February 26, 2012

Headwaters News: Mine Haul Road Poorly Planned

By Jack Parker
Posted on Headwaters News Feb. 23, 2012

Note: This article was written in response to Headwaters’ Feb. 22, 2012, article, "Citizens Pack Hearing to Oppose Rio Tinto Road."*

Dear Editors:

Not a bad summary, but the most important questions were neither answered nor asked.

1. Justification for a road. Apparently it is to haul from mine(s) to mill. But why not ship direct from mine to smelter, as originally planned? The plan is still to mine only high-grade Massive and Semi-Massive ores, isn’t it?

Was it an error to purchase the mill, now necessitating a cover-up?

Why is the mill equipped to handle 10,000 tpd [tons per day] while the Eagle produces only 2,000 tpd?

At 10,000 tpd where would the extra tailings go?

Given the original plan, to ship direct to Ontario, no special haul road would be needed....

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* Click here to read Headwaters' Feb 22 article about the Feb. 21, 2012, DEQ Hearing on the proposed CR 595.

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