Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Peaceful Uprising launches Communities of Resilient Resistance

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- Peaceful Uprising -- a nonprofit collective committed to action to combat the climate crisis and build a just, healthy world -- has just launched PeaceUp Communities of Resilient Resistance (PeaceUp CoRR).

"For some time now, folks have been asking us whether we have organizers in their city/state/region or how they should go about starting their own local PeaceUp chapter," says Henia Belalia, Peaceful Uprising community organizer and trainer. "Truth is, we don't have the capacity to withstand either of those, so we've found a way to inspire activists to build their own resilient and resistant community, by sharing our own story -- what worked and what didn't, what we aspire to in the future. It also includes resources to trainings/workshops from friends and allies across the nation. With time, we hope that folks will contribute by sharing their own stories to strengthen our movement's local and national Beloved Communities."

Today (Feb. 28, 2012) marks one year from the start of climate activist Tim DeChristopher's trial. As he serves his time (for civil disobedience) at Herlong, the Peaceful Uprising movement will continue to build, expand and resist. One year from today (on 2/28/2013), Peaceful Uprising will call on all Communities of Resilient Resistance to launch nationwide Community Audits.

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PeaceUp launches CoRR -- Communities of Resilient Resistance, one year to the day from the start of climate activist Tim DeChristopher's trial. It's time to rush the field!

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@Peace_Up_ launches CoRR: Communities of Resilient Resistance, 1 yr from @DeChristopher's trial http://bit.ly/yIbcVC. Time to rush the field!

To learn more about Peaceful Uprising, visit peacefuluprising.org.

Click here to learn more about the Communities of Resilient Resistance (CoRR) and how you can collaborate in the commitment to climate justice by empowering your own community.

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